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 Fusion Ability Cards You Can Use

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PostSubject: Fusion Ability Cards You Can Use   Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:49 am

Here's a list of fusion ability cards you can use


Depth Flare: Increase your Pyrus bakugan by 100 Gs.

Distraction Buster: Negates your opponent's Ability card.

Destruction Impact: Allows your Dual Hydranoid to nullify your opponent's Gate Card, and increase its own power level by 100 Gs.

D-Strike Extreme: Increases your Delta Dragonoid's power level by 200 Gs.

Exceed: Increase your Ultimate Dragonoid by 200 Gs.

Final Demolition: Increase your Ultimate Hydranoid by 100 Gs.
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Fusion Ability Cards You Can Use
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